Friends & Family Discount Program
Valid through 2018
Refer New Members* and receive a discount
on your monthly membership dues!

1 New Member* 20% off 
2 New Members* 25% off 
3 New Members* 30% off
*A New Member must not have been a member within the past 24 months

**Discounts apply to any qualifying level membership
6 Month Trial Promotion Applies
**Discount applied to both you and your referral(s)

 **Excludes New Dining Members
**Executive Golf Pass and Executive Tennis Pass holders are excluded
**Does not apply to previous referrals
**Discounts will apply as long as memberships remain active & in good standing

Contact Jaclyn | 904-273-2290


An Invitation to Marsh Landing Residents

6 Month Preview Membership Available

Standard Membership
     Full - Unlimited Golf, Tennis, Fitness, Swim & Dining
     House - Pay as you play
Senior Plus - 75 and over
Senior Plus - 80 and over
Junior - 44 and under
     Residents outside 50-mile radius of the Club for at least 8 consecutive months each year
     Unlimited Tennis, Fitness, Swim & Dining - no golf access
     Pay as you play for Tennis - no golf access
hildren's Membership
     Parents must have a minimum of Dining membership

Contact Jaclyn Seeger | 904-273-2290 |

$1000 Non-Refundable Application Fee
Applicable Dues and Fees Apply
Application Fee and 6 month Dues will go toward discounted Initiation
Payment options available for Initiation.  Downgrade during repayment, the higher Initiation will be owed.