Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does our e-mail address need to match Club r

A: No, but the e-mail you use to set up your registration will be stored in our Club records and used as a contact email.  It will be the address our website will use to send you a notification if you forget your password.

Q: How do I find out how our names are filed in the Club’s records?
A: You can look on a previous billing statement to find that information for the primary account holder.  If the name listed on the statement includes a spouse name, middle initial, Jr., Sr. etc., that information must be listed exactly when registering for the first time.

Q:  How will my spouse register as a user on the website?
A:  Because our Club records did not initially include a separate record for spouse, we manually set up spouse accounts for each.  The spouse account number is the primary member number plus the letter A.  (member 1000, spouse 1000A).  To view exactly how the spouse name is listed, you may first register the primary member and then look under the directory listing for the name. You may also contact the Club for this information.

Q:  What is my e-mail address used for?
A:  Your e-mail address with which you register will be used to send you an e-mail should you forget your log in information.  It will also be used for email marketing that the Marsh Landing Country Club will do from time to time.  It will never be sold or given to any other entity for use.  In the future, it may be used to email your statement and/or newsletters directly to you.

Q:  How do I update my profile information or prevent certain numbers from being displayed?

A:  Once you're logged into the website, find and click the Directory link in the main toolbar.  After the Directory page appears, you'll find a green link on the right side of your screen under "Welcome (your name)!"  Click the "update your personal information" link to prompt the update screen.  When you've finished with the selected fields, click the grey "update" button, which you can find by scrolling to the bottom of the page. To check if the information has been updated, simply search for your profile in the Directory by the initial of your last name and click "view."

Q:  What are some of the new features of the website?
A:  Listed below are features of our new website:

Displayed on the Home Page:
"Marsh Landing Staff Directory", "Calendar at a Glance", and "Weather Outlook."

Toolbar Features:

"My Statement" - Allows you to view transactions or contact accounting directly via e-mail.

"Calendar at a Glance" - Displays upcoming events happening at the Club.

"Directory" - Our online directory is a step in the green direction!  Search and view member profiles or update your own!

"Newsletters" -   View, print, and/or e-mail any of the current year's newsletters.

If you have a concern or question that isn’t answered on this page, contact the Website Administrator